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The Philippines at the Heart of CX Business Continuit

It is not surprising that many CX managers feel that despite their best efforts, they always come up short when faced with massive disruptions. After all, disruptive forces can vary greatly – they may come from various sources and even emerge simultaneously, as highlighted by our current reality.

With CX resiliency becoming a significant pressure point for many organizations, how does one’s delivery network impact its overall business continuity strategy? As the cliché ‘never place all your eggs in one basket’ goes, recent disruptions have reminded us of the importance of diversification. A diverse network of established, tried, and tested delivery points ensures uninterrupted and exceptional customer experiences, even under challenging circumstances. 

Ryan Strategic Advisory provides an in-depth discussion on the ever-growing need for resiliency and why the Philippines is at the heart of CX business continuity. Key discussion points include:

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