Happy Holidays from Inspiro and Infocom!

Video: The Heart & Mind of a Winning CX Culture

A service professional provides solutions and creates connections – human to human.

In this webinar, Australia’s leading customer service expert, Jaquie Scammell, brings us a humanistic view of what it takes to be a “whole person” serving customers. She’ll spark practical ideas to balance skills of the head and heart for the greatest customer impact.

Sharing real-life experience with Jaquie are seasoned CX executives from Inspiro, PLDT, and the Netregistry Group.

Video: Scale an Agile Workforce During Massive Disruption: How to Successfully Prioritize Agent Needs in Unprecedented Times

Internationally recognized as the world’s call center capital, the Philippines’ contact center industry faced massive disruption due to the global contagion.  Business Continuity Plans were put to the test; priorities had to shift from business-as-usual to crisis mode, and day-to-day decisions demanded lightning-fast threat and risk assessment to respond to issues within severe time constraints.

  • How did the industry face its challenges?
  • What priorities and tools were set in place for over a million agents impacted by the crisis?
  • With a remote workforce, how did we maintain, sustain, and improve employee culture when everyone is so dispersed?
  • How did we mitigate the risks and minimize disruptions for partners that we are supporting globally?
  • What is the new normal and what opportunities can the contact center industry harness?

Rommel Regino, Director of the Contact Center Association of the Philippines and Inspiro’s Head of Global Operations and Sales, shares his country and company’s experience, practices, and learnings from this unprecedented event.