Inspiro outshines its workforce management capabilities with WorkGenda


Inspiro outshines its workforce management capabilities with WorkGenda

Inspiro outshines its workforce management capabilities with WorkGenda

Manila, Philippines – Outsourcing specialist Inspiro has selected WorkGenda, a next-generation SaaS Workforce Management Optimization solution, for managing and optimizing its contact center operations.

WorkGenda enables Business Process Outsourcing companies to optimize and automate their Workforce Management processes by using advanced algorithms and embedded AI technology. The solution provides full support for all steps of the Workforce Management process, forecasting with AI technology, capacity management, automated scheduling, intraday management, and time registration, resulting in significant savings on operational costs.

“There are three major considerations on why we chose WorkGenda. The first two – efficiency in capacity planning and improve operational performance enable us to help our clients provide an exceptional experience for their customers. The third consideration is the most important one for our organization – employee satisfaction. With a growing number of agents working from home, WorkGenda helps our employees strike a balance between work and home necessities”, said Rommel Regino, Global Head, Operations & Sales at Inspiro.

In the context of the current COVID-19 pandemic, WorkGenda provides additional functionality for enabling contact centers businesses to run a rotational scheme between working-in-office and working-at-home. The new normal requires non-intrusive methods of monitoring employees’ activities, as well as reliable real-time communications facilities between managers and employees. WorkGenda has leading-edge technologies onboard, allowing its users to fulfill all these needs of the new normal.

Costi Manda, CEO of Power2Media – the software company that engineered and owns WorkGenda ( – concludes; “By selecting WorkGenda as the base for its operations, Inspiro chooses for innovation and operational excellence to serve its customers best. We proudly wish Inspiro a warm welcome to our international customer base. Together we will power up to exceed Inspiro’s expectations and bolster its ambitions”.

About WorkGenda

WorkGenda ( is a next-generation Workforce Management Optimization solution enabling seamless automation and optimization of the Workforce Management processes. Through its scientific approach combined with state-of-art technologies, WorkGenda provides unchallenged performances.

WorkGenda is a SaaS software solution developed and wholly-owned by Power2Media, headquartered in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

About Inspiro

Inspiro is the outsourcing specialist with a network of 32,000 customer champions across 51 strategic locations. We deliver multilingual, end-to-end, value-driven CX solutions to the world’s leading brands, enabling our clients to optimize processes, exceed metrics, and surpass overall customer satisfaction.

Inspiro is owned by Relia, a member of Japan’s Mitsui Group.