Uninterrupted CX with Inspiro’s At-Home Solutions


Uninterrupted CX with Inspiro’s At-Home Solutions

Uninterrupted CX with Inspiro’s At-Home Solutions


Following consecutive announcements of state-wide and country lockdowns due to COVID-19, we have to immediately mobilize a work-at-home solution to minimize disruptions to client operations without compromising security. 


To facilitate rapid deployment, we categorized accounts based on connection requirements. Priority was given to campaigns that require connection to our network. To minimize risks, company PCs were configured with secure VPN access prior to deployment to employees’ homes. For campaigns utilizing web- or cloud-based apps, VPN access was installed on employees’ personal PCs for added security. 


  • Successfully transitioned 1,000 employees to work-at-home setup in 5 days. 
  • Commendation from a long-standing client for being the first vendor to fully implement a work-at-home solution for affected onshore and offshore operations.  
  • Consistent service levels for both on-site and at-home agents as per clients.