Inspiro Drives Sales Improvements for a Retailer


Inspiro Drives Sales Improvements for a Retailer

Inspiro Drives Sales Improvements for a Retailer

The client is a US-based floral and gift retailer. Its product line consists of many leading brands of gourmet foods, flowers and plants, and gift items.


The retail business, especially in the floral and gift space, has many spikes in demand during holiday seasons such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and Christmas. Demand can increase by tens of thousands of calls per day with erratic arrival patterns. The client needs to significantly scale up in capacity and sought an outsourcing partner that could source and retain the right talent while maintaining consistently high quality of customer service. 


The client chose Inspiro in 2009 for its skill in inbound sales and customer care. Over the seven years of partnership, Inspiro has delivered an omnichannel solution with innovative ramps and retention measures.  

As a pioneering leader in customer relationship management outsourcing in the Philippines and one of the best-known in the country, Inspiro has built a reputation as an outstanding place to work. Inspiro recruiters form partnerships with local schools and businesses in sourcing for talent. Local businesses advertize Inspiro job fairs, and the company has set up kiosks at fast-food restaurants for onsite interviews to augment interviewing conducted on company premises. 

Over the nine years of partnership, Inspiro has delivered an omnichannel solution with innovative ramps and retention measures.

The interview process includes an innovative post-offer screening prior to the employee’s start date. This screening ensures that the agent understands the work to be done while enabling the interviewee to confirm the fit. Pre-screening has an additional benefit in substantially reducing attrition to approximately 4% per month. Average tenure of the core group is two years. 

Inspiro has developed a successful employee referral plan. More than 40% of the hiring on the client engagement comes from referrals. And the new agents stay with the company to return after the ramp down. 


The recruitment mix enables the company to ramp the team from around 180 to 1,100+ FTEs at multiple sites within six weeks to prepare for the biggest ramp, which is the Mother’s Day seasonal ramp. Not only is the company able to provide people in a short time, these are the right people to achieve sustainable customer satisfaction. Inspiro was the first partner to break the client’s CSAT sales score of 9 and has received the BPO Partner of the Year Award for three consecutive years.