Healing Pain Points in Medical Insurance


Healing Pain Points in Medical Insurance

Healing Pain Points in Medical Insurance


The Philippine arm of one of Europe’s leading insurers was struggling with a high abandonment rate, despite their substantial agent headcount. They also faced limited opportunities for further growth, due to the manpower cost of hiring employees with experience in the medical field.


Inspiro hired qualified agents who had completed units in Allied Health courses, resulting in a team of 31 full-time employees, backed by 24/7 inbound customer support for service inquiries and medical availment assistance. Agents underwent intensive training to support seamless transition in handling different service splits, while team leaders received daily coaching. All of this balanced manpower cost-efficiency with the need to provide round-the-clock domain knowledge and quality service.

Streamlining digital operations — with email and mobile app processing of availment requests — addressed numerous issues, including average handling time (AHT), abandonment rate, quality, reliability, service level, and productivity. We created templates and generated reports, enabling the client to track all contact center metrics and performance, optimizing decision-making and mitigating abandonment.


Inspiro met or surpassed all key metrics for the project, as follow:

  • Service level went up, from 40-45% to consistently above the 80% goal, averaging 97%.
  • Overall quality score likewise consistently exceeded its 90% target.
  • AHT was within target, despite additional agent tasks and skill complexity.
  • Abandonment went from 15% to the goal of 5% – down to a third of the previous distressing rate.
  • Reliability also exceeded its 95% goal, coming in at a perfect 100%.

Inspiro’s customer experience solutions help healthcare providers manage their pain points, so they can focus on what matters most – their patients and members. Let’s discuss how Inspiro can handle your headaches today!