Building a One-of-a-Kind Insurance Experience


Building a One-of-a-Kind Insurance Experience

Building a One-of-a-Kind Insurance Experience

One of Japan’s leading and largest medical and cancer insurance companies.


The client’s 242 FTEs were already providing contact center (35%) and back-office support (65%), from 9 am to 5 pm on weekdays. But with an ever-growing customer base and:

  • 300,000 inbound calls a year, as well as
  • 1,000,000 documents

A strong, long-term partner was needed, to deliver timely support for inquiries from its policyholders, along with back-office support for its conservation unit.


Aligning workflow for maximum efficiency, we consolidated contact center and back-office functions, resulting in quicker response times and improved overall quality of operations. We provided timely service with accurate information, through email, calls, and back-office support.

To manage the inbound calls volume, we enacted ongoing back-end support for payout/benefits claims, and had agents initiate calls to cover overall policy conservation support, including:

  • lapse prevention,
  • reinstatement/premium payment reminders, and
  • confirmation calls in support of policy finalization.

We also identified different peak times — daily, hourly, and monthly — for 20 lines of business (LOBs). With the help of multi-skilled agents, workload was allocated to peaked LOBs, which further streamlined operations and contributed to improved efficiencies and cost reduction.


  • Costs were reduced by 20%, since we turned policy conservation efforts into a one-stop shop, from handling inquiries to data encoding and validation to documents dispatch.
  • Documentation errors went down to a mere 0.004%, through streamlined operations.
  • With error rate down, other KPIs were achieved, including handling 13 cases per hour.