Voice Biometrics Please — and Protect — Your Customers


Voice Biometrics Please — and Protect — Your Customers

Voice Biometrics Please — and Protect — Your Customers

Many companies now lean on voice-based biometrics to enhance their overall customer experience.

Banks, for instance, use voice biometrics to support mobile and phone banking, deploying voice recognition software that has reduced the verification process by a significant 20 to 30 seconds. A leading entertainment company uses voice and facial biometrics to automatically index video and image files for media and celebrity coverage purposes.

Using artificial intelligence for customer behavior tracking can also help businesses gauge true emotions from their customer base, as in the case of gaming companies, which use voice biometrics to identify and gauge player behavior trends, to help create better gaming experiences.

Perhaps most importantly, voice biometrics are proving instrumental for preventing identity theft, which can lead to financial loss and erosion of customer confidence. The need to protect data is of utmost importance for companies, and it is, therefore, vital to implement strict technical processes to identify a genuine user.

By using voice biometrics and contextual intelligence, companies can implement passive authentication of user credentials. E-commerce companies as well as banks now use voice biometrics to pinpoint fraudsters and scam calls. A leading e-commerce giant further uses facial recognition software to identify users for mobile application.

Inspiro implements voice biometrics to help leading companies. Our high-standard speech recognition technology effectively authenticates genuine callers based on physical voice characteristics, taking into account vocal cords, enunciation, gender, and much more. Inspiro reduces average call handling time by 15 to 45 seconds, ensuring enhanced customer satisfaction, massive savings, and superior operational efficiencies.