How to Manage a Remote Workforce


How to Manage a Remote Workforce

How to Manage a Remote Workforce

With most people working remotely, in the ongoing pandemic, the fresh challenge for business leaders is managing a remote workforce. When employees are dispersed, it’s more vital than ever to sustain their trust, keep them motivated, and get the job done just as efficiently and effectively – if not more so, with customers and suppliers also out of direct reach.

While the situation seems unlikely to change soon, successful organizations are making it work, by:

Establishing clear expectations. It’s up to managers to spell out, in no uncertain terms, what each employee needs to accomplish every day, every week, and/or by a specific deadline. When you say “Keep me updated,” for example, what information do you want them to convey? The more exact you are about what you need from them, the better results you’re likely to get, and the easier it will be for them to do their jobs.

Extending trust. It may be tempting to check on your people hourly – what if they’re surfing the web, instead of working? But this would only waste your time and theirs. You have to give trust to gain trust, by setting and sticking to work-from-home guidelines, such as responding to email within four to five hours, and no calls beyond work hours, to differentiate between professional and personal time. Trusting your people to do the job right will show them they can trust you to treat them right.

Engaging with employees. With quarantine conditions wearing everyone down, it takes extra effort to keep teams upbeat and up-to-date. Various channels — like virtual meeting, chat, and social media apps — are crucial for keeping communication lines open, and keeping everyone informed, invested, and energized.

Expressing recognition. A recent survey showed that employees need recognition more than ever, in the pandemic – after all, you can no longer give them an encouraging smile or physical pat on the back, as you walk through the office. Overtly appreciating — even celebrating — their achievements and dedication can only make them more dedicated, and spur them on to achieve even more.

Inspiro’s award-winning employee support has translated excellently, even through remote channels. Our workforce is more productive than ever, bringing our clients and their customers a better experience, as we support them in these challenging times.