Chatbots Create Better Customer Experience - and Better Business


Chatbots Create Better Customer Experience - and Better Business

Chatbots Create Better Customer Experience – and Better Business

Anyone who’s interacted with a chatbot knows the basic improvements chatbots bring to customer experience – you can contact them anytime, almost anywhere in the world, and get instant, direct answers to specific questions. Even with exceptionally-complex queries, chatbots still streamline the process, using artificial intelligence to direct users onward, to the most relevant human agent.

On the business side, it’s easy to see that chatbots enable simplified searches, quicker resolution of IT and other issues, and better communication with the brand overall. This refined customer service, in turn, improves the customer experience and buying life-cycle, helping companies grow.

But that’s far from all chatbots can do for businesses – building on the previous points, they’re used to convey company and product updates, product comparisons, promotional messages, and more.

For instance, a leading retailer uses a refined version of chatbots to guide customers in choosing from among their many products. Users are asked to pick one among multiple options, each represented by a unique image, text, and/or video. This is repeated to reach the buyer’s specific preference – really clarifying their best choice, through a painless, one-click-per-category process.

Meanwhile – with consent, of course – chatbots also collect user data, which is then deployed to create more personalized experiences, improving user engagement and increasing relevance throughout the entire customer buying life-cycle.

This is notably important in the travel industry, where a leading website attests that travelers visit an average of 38 websites when planning a trip. Chatbots with analytical and predictive capabilities can hugely cut down this exhaustive process, reducing hours of searching and booking frustration.

Customization is key to maximizing chatbot benefits, since repeating the same message will hardly create a customer-friendly environment. Replicating human interaction – varied and responsive – is vital to providing the comfortable, lifelike experience that helps customers get what they need.

In the healthcare industry, a leading urgent care facility uses chatbots to reduce no-shows for colonoscopies – a cancer diagnostic, which a dismaying 40% of less-privileged patients tend to forego. By delivering information over text or email in a conversational way, the chatbots help patients understand and overcome their hesitations about this potentially life-saving procedure.

Yes, chatbots can possibly save lives! And they can definitely boost brands and businesses.

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