Media and Entertainment

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The media and entertainment industry handles an ever-growing subscriber base of voracious audience members, hungry for new content and instant access to the latest releases. 

Inspiro has a proven track record of meeting these demands, delivering end-to-end services that include customer acquisitions, customer care, technical support, billing management and collections, and back-office support. We deliver multilingual, omnichannel solutions that drive profitability and value.


Success in the Media and Entertainment industry

  • Launched the most successful customer retention program in a satellite TV provider’s history
  • Reduced Average Handle Time (AHT) for Technical Support from 803 to 681 seconds per call
  • Developed a knowledge base for one of the most complex DVR systems in the US

Marquee clients in the Media and Entertainment sector

  • Two of the world’s leading digital broadcast satellite TV providers
  • A digital broadcast satellite TV provider based in the Philippines

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