Streamlining Purchase and Delivery Management


Streamlining purchase and delivery management

Streamlining Purchase and Delivery Management


A leading global independent supplier to the automotive sector was looking for a partner, to support purchase and delivery management from the backend. Their main challenge was handling many different automobile products across multiple manufacturing locations. 

With not only their own, but also clients’ and sub-contractors’ PO management systems in play, management was hardly unified. This created many complications, including the need to adjust delivery dates multiple times, increased human error, and additional cost to the client. 


Specific agents were assigned to manage different units, so they could collaborate with each other and streamline the communication process. Dealer Parts Inventory Assistance was established to ensure timely delivery of sub-parts to various units, while Inquiry Management was tasked to analyze prior human errors and delivery delays. 

With one location selected as the dedicated, cost-efficient delivery center, Inspiro established delivery date and PO management, functioning as liaison between factory-warehouse-sales and the client, to get delivery date responses and clearly communicate client requirements. 


Through the dedicated delivery center, various processes and multi-operations were streamlined, which helped reduce overall cost for the client by a substantial 40%, compared to the previous vendor. Assigning specific agents to definite tasks and units brought human error down to zero.