Putting the Client—and their Customers—in the Driver’s Seat


Putting the client and their customers in the driver's seat

Putting the Client—and their Customers—in the Driver’s Seat


A renowned German multinational manufacturer of luxury vehicles was struggling with each of their dealers taking their own individualized approach to lead generation. This made it difficult to perform a company-wide analysis on customer reaction, along with cause analysis, and also increased working hours for each dealer, since additional training and labor management were required for temporary staff during the generation period. 

For the holiday launch of its new car model, this automotive client was looking to transition from a dealer-led to an enterprise-led lead generation campaign, to maximize results and learning about their clients. 


Whereas the dealer-led system naturally made calls during each dealer’s working hours, Inspiro arranged agent shifts so as to initiate calls when many customers were more likely to be home, greatly improving the chances of reaching the client’s 4,000 existing customers. 

Inspiro’s domain expertise and resources further came into play through the outbound call system, which was efficiently used to seamlessly manage KPI progress, conduct agent motivation management, and gather additional information via a voice-of-the-customer survey. 


A full 6.0% of customers agreed to visit their dealer, and another 17.7% of customers responded that they would consider visiting. A significant 23.7% database-to-leads conversion was achieved, as well as a unified view of customer sentiment, compared to the dealer-led campaigns.