Propelling Customer Satisfaction for Asia's Pioneer Flag Carrier


Propelling Customer Satisfaction for Asia’s Pioneer Flag Carrier

Propelling Customer Satisfaction for Asia’s Pioneer Flag Carrier

Inspiro’s automated processes boosted efficiency and enhanced passenger convenience.

4% increase in Net Promoter Score

7% improvement in Overall Advised Rate

10% Reduction in Average Handling Time


The client, a pioneer flag carrier in Asia and long-standing partner of Inspiro, was looking to elevate the low advised rate for customers on essential information, such as flight delays and schedule changes. The client’s ground staff previously handled this process but, due to staffing shortage and limited hours of operation, there were delays in generating reports.

How We Delivered

We deployed the Automated Flight Disruption Tracker to speed up report generation, thereby providing agents with real-time flight information. Inspiro also:

  • Introduced the Flight Disruption Inbound split, so well-trained agents can handle calls to avoid further passenger inconvenience.
  • Managed notification of passengers affected by flight disruption through outbound calls, email, and SMS.
  • Implemented an online tickets reservation and distribution program to mitigate booking concerns.


  • Improved Overall Advised Rate by 7%, including 6% on advised rate for US and Canada flights
  • Improved AHT by 10% in eight weeks
  • Increased NPS by 4% and decreased detractors by 6% in just three months