Paving The Way for Improved Customer Experience


Paving The Way for Improved Customer Experience

Paving The Way for Improved Customer Experience


Customer service can make or break a company, especially in the much-changed competitive luxury automotive market. Today, there are so many high-end vehicle options that lagging in just one area encourages consumers to shop elsewhere. 

This client was struggling with a reputation for poor customer service in its dealerships. Customers were made to feel as if they should be grateful for the mere privilege of buying a luxury car, not only at the time of sale, but more importantly, in the service drive after the vehicle was purchased. 

To remedy this situation, the client sought to determine current customer satisfaction levels and specific areas for improvement, at the dealer level. 


By choosing the right outsourcing partner, the company was able to develop and initiate a customer loyalty campaign for both new buyers and existing car owners, integrating a customer satisfaction survey. 

Responding quickly, the partner provided end-to-end management, from survey design to online platform development to reporting, with the overall goal of determining strong and weak points at the dealership level. 

Over 1,000 surveys were conducted per quarter, through email and phone, with follow-up calls conducted to track down surveys not returned within 2 weeks. 


Over the course of 8 weeks, the target of 50% survey respondents was not only met but substantially surpassed, ending the period with 70% customer response. This enables the client, through their CRM partner, to analyze and address not just the desired half, but a significant majority of customer concerns, providing an excellent head start on the road to renewed customer satisfaction.