Improving QR Code Service Quality and Quantity


Improving QR Code Service Quality and Quantity

Improving QR Code Service Quality and Quantity

A leading financial technology company in Japan which had launched a QR-based electronic payment service in 2018.


Despite their large pool of 133 FTEs — providing 24/7 business-to-business (B2B) and 12/7 business-to-customer (B2C) service, from their main delivery centers in North and South Japan — the client was struggling to provide real-time voice, email, and back-office support, since its ever-growing user and merchant base was generating more than 6,000 transactions a month.


We executed a multipronged solution, supplying real-time support to handle a large volume of monthly transactions for both business verticals. B2C agents were specifically trained to handle general inquiries and provide the technical support required for the payment app, while B2B agents were trained to provide continuous support for:

  • registration,
  • QR code kit arrangement,
  • general inquiries,
  • campaign management, and
  • technical support for the e-pay app.

We ranked agents in terms of average handling time (AHT), encouraging productive competitiveness to ultimately reduce AHT length overall, without compromising quality.

Our buddy system teamed up junior and senior agents to handle inquiries together, facilitating:

  • coordination and exchange of communication,
  • continuous training of juniors by seniors, and
  • query resolution in real time,

leading to overall quality of service and enhanced time efficiency.

Similarly, we set up two kinds of agent teams, with Top Box agents in charge of identifying weak points of Bottom Box agents, providing them with critical feedback to improve quality.


  • AHT surpassed the target of 1000 seconds, coming in at 937s, thanks to highly-trained agents addressing multiple issues, including service level, quality, and productivity.
  • Customer response time exceeded the target of 90%, coming in at 99.7%, with streamlined services enabling critical support during peak hours.

We also generated timely reports, empowering the client to track all metrics and performance, which helped to optimize decision-making.