Growing Seasonal Sales for a Leading US Floral Retailer


Growing Seasonal Sales for a Leading US Floral Retailer

Growing Seasonal Sales for a Leading US Floral Retailer

Amid the pandemic, Inspiro met the seasonal surge in volume by transitioning to a hybrid delivery model.

No. 1 vendor recognition

40% increase in transactions

Over 50% of work volume awarded


With most US states in lockdown, the Client needed a robust outsourcing partner who could weather the pandemic along with the anticipated seasonal surge in orders.

How We Delivered

Inspiro overhauled its recruitment and delivery strategies, including a massive shift from an 11-yearbrick-and-mortar delivery model to a hybrid model with 75% of agents working from home (WFH) and 25% working onsite.

  • Ramped our digital recruitment efforts and Talent Acquisition team to process 15,000+ applicants, ultimately hiring 1,600 agents that meet client requirements.
  • Deployed Inspiro@Home, our scalable and secure work-at-home solution.
  • Used a real-time productivity monitoring tool that provided hourly updates on WFH agents to maintain performance standards, while a buddy system paired new hires with tenured agents to ensure consistent service levels.


Inspiro’s efficient adaptability delivered multiple positive outcomes.

  • Increased Client transactions by 40% compared to the previous year, despite the pandemic.
  • Acclaimed best of three providers for the seasonal ramp and the only one to meet the FTE requirements.
  • Awarded more than 50% of work volume—versus the agreed 35%—as well as a three-week work extension, due to excellent performance.