Enhancing a Key Field in a US Floral Retailer's Operations


Enhancing a Key Field in a US Floral Retailer’s Operations

Enhancing a Key Field in a US Floral Retailer’s Operations

Inspiro helped the client streamline their back office operations by proactively establishing processes that enabled the client to anticipate seasonal demand.

80% increase in order fulfillment rate

47% reduction in customer escalations

Perfect Net Promoter Score of 10


The Client, a US floral and gourmet foods gift retailer and distribution company, wanted to improve their service delivery efficiency and at the same time, maintain customer satisfaction by enhancing their back-office operations and internal processes.

How We Delivered

To ensure consistent service levels, Inspiro:

  • Established a bridge team that mirrored the client’s capability to predict back-office queue and coordinate requests for split changes in real-time
  • Laid out Queue Improvement and Queue Excellence Projects aimed at improving back-office operations
  • Authored a Negative Verbatim Call-out Process which was eventually acquired by the client for use by its other vendors
  • Initiated the disaster recovery and emergency management across all delivery centers to ensure consistent service levels even in disruptive times


  • Increased order fulfillment rate by 80%
  • Became the 1st partner to exceed CSAT sales score
  • Awarded with additional work volume due to excellent performance – becoming the only outsource partner to support all brands
  • Reduced customer escalations by 47%
  • Perfect Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 10 and top Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) ranking of 8.8 among three vendors