Enabling Excellent E-wallet Support


Enabling Excellent E-wallet Support

Enabling Excellent E-wallet Support

A leading financial technology company in Japan, which provides e-wallet service for a popular VOIP and instant messaging app.


Their existing complement of 32 FTEs was struggling to handle their vast merchant support service, which encompassed a monthly communication log of:

  • 2,000 outbound calls
  • 1,200 inbound calls
  • 1,500 chats
  • 300 emails a month


We devised a B2B solution covering general merchant inquiries, including pre-registration, credit card, and bank account enrollment.

Agents were extensively trained, in order to:

  • Handle campaign management, with additional data entry and validation support to the merchant base
  • Learn client-preferred accounting software, to ensure there was no compromise in quality

We also set weekly targets, for agents to handle and improve resolve ratios, and ensured continuous feedback for agile individual action.

We met with the client weekly as well, to share any ongoing challenges and devise a list of actions to counter challenges and mitigate any risks.


  • Monetized ratio of merchants hugely increased from 9.7% to 70.5%, due to tiered and well-trained support.
  • Resolve ratio for specific issues improved from 60.9% to 78.6%, with calls expertly managed, and challenges resolved weekly, with actionable insights.