Driving Smoother and Smarter


Driving Smoother and Smarter

Driving Smoother and Smarter


With automobile technology getting more sophisticated every year, drivers and passengers can really use concierge and technical support to ensure safe, comfortable usage of their advanced vehicles. 

A leading automobile manufacturer therefore sought a partner to provide specialized operators, who would supply detailed information 365 days a year for both its connected cars and premium line, via the client’s Telematics Support Center. 


Since the Center needed to be able to handle 12,000 to 15,000 inbound calls per month, 80 FTEs were hired to man operations. This number — and corresponding expense — might well have been substantially larger, but a streamlined approach was developed to strategically deploy support during the crucial period from 9 am to 6 pm.  

A modified training curriculum and call flow with a strong technical focus was overseen by a Quality Manager, who helped improve each FTE’s learning speed and service quality, focusing on types and trends of inbound inquiries and developing a FAQ to help answer calls more efficiently. 


By focusing support during critical and peak driving hours, we were able to improve first call resolution (FCR) by 14% while reducing average handling time (AHT) by 26% in the first year of operations.