Why AI is essential in today’s CX


Why AI is essential in today’s CX

Why AI is essential in today’s CX

According to the 2021 Front Office Omnibus Survey, enterprise CX managers anticipate a surge in demand for AI in the coming 12 months. Recognizing that this technology has groundbreaking potential, many contact center managers today consider AI as a tool to drive the best outcomes for consumers.

But what exactly makes AI vital in today’s CX journey?

You get to know your customers better

AI can collect real-time and comprehensive data, regardless of the location or source. AI can detect keywords that determine a customer’s mood to respond suitably. This allows businesses to understand their customers better, predict their next steps, and provide them with a seamless customer experience (CX) journey.

You empower your customers

Customers are now inclined to resolve problems on their own. Self-service and AI-powered platforms such as IVRs and chatbots can rapidly address basic inbound queries; customer satisfaction increases when they can get answers to basic questions independently.  

You rationalize your workforce

Employing AI can save hundreds of man-hours on data compilation and analysis. With AI doing all the time-consuming work and automating tasks, human agents can focus on customers who prefer traditional channels and complex issues. 

Additionally, AI technology comes in handy for human agents. They can quickly pull out the data to respond to customers efficiently – cutting the response time and improving the overall customer experience.