Truths About the Great Resignation and How to Rise Above


Truths About the Great Resignation and How to Rise Above

Truths About the Great Resignation and How to Rise Above

In April 2021, a record four million Americans quit their jobs – and while the trend hasn’t been quite as dramatic since then, it’s not quite over, either, with Microsoft’s Work Trend Index reporting that more than 40% of the global workforce were considering resignation in 2021. But there’s no need to panic because…

The talent’s still here

The truth is that people are still around, still willing to work, and still capable of supporting your company in all the right ways. The problem is that considering the circumstances of recent years, employees need greater support – if individuals can’t get by, it becomes too difficult for the company to continue at its best. 

People aren’t leaving out anywhere

Research has shown that many employees only intend to leave or change jobs if offered significantly better pay – when their current companies can’t provide that, they go elsewhere. Keeping in mind inflation, it’s important to adjust following economic repercussions. The difference is that companies need to consider these circumstances when considering changes in pay because the only way to keep up with a world undergoing such intense change is to change along with it.

Going home doesn’t mean quitting work

Employees worldwide have expressed an interest in continuing work – provided that they have the option to work remotely. Our adjustments throughout the last few years have shown us that remote work is an entirely valid option. It doesn’t have to mean compromising on quality – employees are perfectly capable of delivering top-tier work from home. It seems they would instead do that than provide lower-quality contributions onsite. 

We’re all in this together

The way to rise above fears surrounding The Great Resignation is to understand the difficulties it has presented to everyone involved, not just employers and consumers but also employees. By showing employees that your company is committed to providing the best—that you understand what they need to make the best happen— you can retain your people and your standard of excellence.