The Balancing Act of Successful CX


The Balancing Act of Successful CX

The Balancing Act of Successful CX

Delivering top-quality customer experience (CX) doesn’t have to be a complex puzzle—it’s all about attaining maximum success with minimum struggle, which is exactly what companies want to achieve, and customers want to experience. Presenting customers with maximum options that take minimum effort is key to smooth, simple, satisfying CX.

Maximum Options

It’s not just a matter of throwing together a website, chatbot, social media page, and what-have-you. Studies show, for instance, that three of the top four reasons people use chat all boil down to an issue of time. So while conversational AI is important—to make chat comfortable—what’s more important is that it should help people get what they want quickly.

It isn’t simply about having a lot of channels but maximizing the benefits each channel delivers.

Minimum Effort

Consistent convenience is what people value the most in customer experience—by far, coming in at a substantial 68% in a recent survey. Unfortunately, omnichannel CX has only made interactions more complicated for customers in many cases. A prime source of irritation is the need to repeat the same information multiple times across multiple channels.

Even if a customer’s journey involves many channels, it should feel like one conversation.

By providing customers with the maximum amount of options and playing to the strengths of each channel—whether it’s a website, social media page, phone conversation, SMS messaging, we keep CX accessible and efficient. And by constantly updating and coordinating information, we make it easy for customers to get what they’re looking for.

In other words, it’s maximum support with minimum struggle—CX that seems seamless, feels effortless and delivers success for all parties concerned.