Personally, I’d Like It If You Would…


Personally, I’d Like It If You Would…

Personally, I’d Like It If You Would…

The connection between your brand and your customer base is more than a transaction – it’s a relationship, and relationships need to be cultivated. Like in any relationship, the people involved are unique, and the way you engage with customers should reflect that. 

But what, exactly, are customers looking for when it comes to personalization?

Meet me in the middle

Customers come to you to make their lives easier, so your services and processes need to be simple to understand and easy to navigate. Put your best foot forward by setting things up, so your customers see the top of what you have to offer, first and foremost, and giving them a direct line of communication. You want a balance of independent services and avenues for assistance. Your customers can decide how they want to approach every interaction and how they want you to participate. After all, who would know better about personalizing their experience than the person? 

Think about what matters to me

Including product and service recommendations, framing promotions in ways that appeal to particular consumer groups, and speaking your customers’ language (both literally and figuratively) all let them know that you’re not just speaking to a crowd – you’re talking to them, specifically. When you pay attention to the details, you can ensure that every customer interaction features perfectly-tailored content. That way, they’ll know that anyone can facilitate commerce, but you can form connections.

Stay in touch

As mentioned earlier, it’s essential to let your customer decide how involved they want interactions to be. Still, it’s just as important that you let them know you’re available and ready to engage. Let them know that the value of their time with you doesn’t stop when the transaction does by following up with appropriately-timed updates, reminders, and notices for when something exciting comes up.

Let every interaction with a customer be a brick in the home you’re building together, where your relationship can flourish – because when you personalize, customers see your care for the person realized.