Not Just What You Were Looking For, But So Much More!


Not Just What You Were Looking For, But So Much More!

Not Just What You Were Looking For, But So Much More!

Have you ever started online shopping, looking for one particular thing, only to end up at check-out with a handful of extra stuff you had no idea you totally “needed”? Us, too. (No one opens their shopping app just to buy a set of planet-patterned stress balls for their desks, but here we are.)

Discovery commerce lets your customers have that same fun experience — who doesn’t love unexpectedly running into things that perfectly suit their taste? By presenting items you know your target demographic would be interested in and observing trends and individual customer preferences, you can ensure they get what they’re looking for… and what they didn’t even know they were looking for!

It’s all about adjusting your marketing tactics, so you’re not just presenting your best; you’re presenting what’s best for the consumer.

That means listing products with pitch-perfect descriptions, so people get everything about what they’re going to get, including photosets that show off just how good your goods are, and enabling customer reviews, so buyers can get the details before they take the retail. 

Even with your products showcased at their best, sometimes returns can be inevitable. Customers might misjudge the size or color they want, realize that their purchase doesn’t quite fit in with the rest of their things, miss the window of opportunity to give a gift or any number of unfortunate happenstances that necessitate a return.

Returns don’t have to be a bad thing. However — by ensuring that your return process is smooth and supported by an efficient, dedicated reverse logistics team, you’re letting consumers know that they can rely on you to back up their decisions and stick with them, even when things don’t go as planned.

With that kind of assurance, consumers feel secure with your brand, building customer loyalty and a higher likelihood of new or replacement purchases. Maybe they didn’t find just what they were looking for this time, but they know that you’re willing to work with them and help out until they do.

Keep all this in mind, and the next time customers are looking for the perfect thing, they’ll look to you.