It’s What’s Inside That Counts: How Employee Treatment Influences Consumer Opinion


It’s What’s Inside That Counts: How Employee Treatment Influences Consumer Opinion

It’s What’s Inside That Counts: How Employee Treatment Influences Consumer Opinion

Lately — and thankfully — it’s become a given that a happy, cooperative work environment is instrumental to nurture satisfied, productive employees who can lead to a comfortable, healthy bottom line.

But did you know that what’s going on inside your company can also significantly impact consumers’ buying and retention decisions on the outside? 

In a 2022 survey by Qualtrics, around half the respondents expressed that their trust in a brand is stronger if they can trust that the brand takes care of its employees. This is seen as, at least partially, a direct result of COVID-19 since the pandemic brought concerns about safety and well-being to the forefront of everyone’s mind. 

Perhaps paradoxically, being isolated due to social distancing and lockdowns seems to have led people to care more about others – probably starting with worry over how the virus would spread but eventually evolving into genuine concern about everyone’s physical wellness, and financial stability, and even mental health. Many people depend on delivery and remote services to fulfill their wants and needs, so they started to think about how the workers performing those services are treated.

Before the pandemic, though, consumers were already becoming conscious of corporate sustainability. This endeavor extends beyond environmental responsibility to encompass a company’s accountability toward the long-term financial, social, and developmental prospects of the communities in which it operates, which most definitely includes its personnel.

In short, making it clear that the people doing the providing are just as cared-for as the people being provided to is a great way to demonstrate that your business has clearly-defined values and goals and that you are committed to them. If you already know that you’re steadfast about your company’s mission and vision, all you need are the right tools and team to help consumers see that they’re putting their trust in the best place with you.