How to Improve Customer Satisfaction During COVID-19


How to Improve Customer Satisfaction During COVID-19

How to Improve Customer Satisfaction During COVID-19

Coronavirus has changed the way people work, communicate, and deliver results. One of the largest web host and domain providers and long-standing Inspiro client says the situation has forced companies to rethink what customer care means – underscoring the need to adapt and handle work in new ways so that customer satisfaction and the overall customer experience aren’t negatively impacted.

Having improved their company’s CSAT (customer satisfaction scores) despite COVID-19 complications, the client lists three critical points on how to manage work and support customers, even and especially in the face of adversity:

Innovation: When nearly every company in the world was still reeling from the limitations imposed by quarantine, Inspiro quickly set up WIFI access and enabled work-from-home capability for literally thousands of employees. Inspiro also retooled its onboarding and training programs for onsite and remote delivery, an effective call center management initiative for maintaining agent performance and productivity. Pivoting existing technology, we empowered our greatest asset—an engaged workforce, with team members eager to serve—ensuring their personal stability and ability to support customers amid the crisis.

Online penetration of customers has increased by 15 to 20%, almost overnight, while Italy saw e-commerce sales rise by 80% in a single week, which created massive pressure on logistics and supply chains. Even when the coronavirus is quelled, we can expect digital experiences to continue growing, so companies will have to be able to act quickly, adopting or adapting new delivery models or even outsourcing solutions to meet evolving customer requirements. 

Communication: In uncertain times, customers need information more than ever, including: Is your business currently operating? How can I get what I need? How are you safeguarding your customers and personnel? Transparent, reliable communication is vital not just for operations, marketing, and great CSAT, but to truly support the customer, practically as well as emotionally, with commitment, integrity, and concern.

It’s equally crucial to maintain constant, clear communication with employees as well. Beyond the need to remotely maintain operational efficiency and quality standards for customer support, employees also need support to adjust to the situation and their new work scenario.

Human connection: With people necessarily staying apart, these days, every customer interaction carries greater weight than ever before – customers are looking not just for information or transactions, but a resource they can trust. For contact centers and call center agents, it’s not only a big responsibility; it’s also a huge opportunity to deliver experiences and service, with empathy and care.

A recent McKinsey report discusses how a customer’s interaction with a company can trigger an immediate and lingering effect on their sense of trust and loyalty toward the company. A contemporary Forrester survey agrees that being empathetic, adapting your CX, and helping your employees ultimately keeps customers engaged with your brand.

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