Figures that Foretell the Future


Figures that Foretell the Future

Figures that Foretell the Future

Released in November, CCW’s ‘Future of Contact Centers: A Forecast’ shows statistics on how contact center leaders and stakeholders from various industries are shaping their CX strategy.

Essential factors in measuring contact center value:

  • Impact on customer satisfaction, loyalty, and retention = 52.56%
  • Ability to  improve a brand’s reputation = 43.59%

Main pain points:

  • Fragmented, disconnected tools systems = 51.28%
  • Lack of omnichannel capabilities = 42.65%
  • High agent turnover = 33.33%

Top-of-mind initiatives for leaders:

  • Improving use of AI for customer interactions = 46.15%
  • Creating more seamless experience across channels = 42.31%
  • Employee productivity = 41.03%

Workforce model expectations:

  • Hybrid by Task (agents work onsite for certain tasks and remotely for others) = 39.74%
  • Hybrid by Role (office vs. remote work time based seniority, job type, team, etc.) = 16.67%
  • Primarily Remote (most agents will mostly work remotely from any location) = 15.38%

Agent retention plans

  • Supporting more flexible work models = 48.72%
  • Improving training and coaching = 43.59%
  • Improving contact center tools and systems = 41.03%

A majority of leaders believe that, by 2025, AI (artificial intelligence) will be the preference for simple support issues. The rest will generally involve agents, especially the complex ones.