Doing The Most While Staying Remote


Doing The Most While Staying Remote

Doing The Most While Staying Remote

The choice is tough – whether to keep up remote work or return to in-office standards now that things are calming down. While results have shown that remote work can be a net positive for companies, many people still fear becoming one of the disaster cases. If you think that continuing with remote work, in some capacity, is the best choice for your business’s future, here’s how to do it right and avoid all the pitfalls.

  • Remember that your company exists beyond its physical headquarters.

With remote work, it’s essential to keep in mind that your company is still one community, even if its parts are scattered. This means that impersonal, un-customized tools for communication and productivity just won’t do. Your team needs dedicated spaces where they can get work done and connect and feel just as close to the company as they would at the office. Walls don’t define your ideal work environment – you do. 

  • Remember that all your meetings should matter.

Contrary to popular belief, continuing with remote work doesn’t necessarily mean rendering face-to-face interaction obsolete. When most of the work is done at home, in-person interactions become all the more important, and the way you handle them should reflect that. Ensure that every time your people come together at the office, it’s a significant, meaningful interaction that drives home that no time there is wasted. Similarly, online meetings should be just as necessity-focused and concise to incentivize active participation and sustained drive.

  • Remember that you’re all in this together.

Whether leaning more heavily toward remote work or trying for a more flexible hybrid model, it’s not easy for everyone to adjust – just remember that you’re all working through this together. Touch base often with your people to see how things are going, what isn’t working, and what you can all do to make things as easy-breezy and efficient as possible.