Consumer Comeback: Are You Resurgence-Ready?


Consumer Comeback: Are You Resurgence-Ready?

Consumer Comeback: Are You Resurgence-Ready?

The new year heralds change, and that can seem intimidating. Like it or not, though, we’ve all gotten a lot of practice dealing with change in these past few years, and we’ve proven that we’re able to not only handle it but grow from it.

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) analyzed and projected economic growth and consumers’ spending rates. The results are exciting: people aren’t just grasping at the way things used to be – we’re learning to thrive in a new world, in new ways.

That means—according to the IMF, as well as leading financial advisors in the Philippines, in particular—that we can expect a surge in consumer activity, even in sectors most heavily impacted by the pandemic. 

If customers are coming back ready to engage with their favorite brands more strongly than they’ve been able to, all through 2020 and 2021—and we know they are—then we need to be ready to meet them with the same energy. This influx in consumer activity means that businesses will be facilitating a lot more interaction than they’ve become used to. For that, they need top-quality customer experience (CX) delivery.

Just as consumers return with new strength and optimism, CX specialists should be ready to receive them with open arms, providing everything they need to keep good things coming. With optimized processes and the right tools for every situation, good CX can even empower customers further as they step into the new year with growing income and spending confidence.

Above all, consumers will find that they can get the best experience from specialists who know what to expect – even a smaller team can demonstrate the capacity to deliver what consumers deserve if they know what’s coming.

And we do know what’s coming, and we know it’s good. The question is: Are you ready to receive it? Is your CX team prepared to quickly ramp up or down as needed? Is your company equipped with the operational, technical, and mental flexibility to adapt to evolving demands?

As we all know, CX is the name of the game in modern business – and excellent CX means not just meeting but anticipating and exceeding customer expectations.