Why a Call Center Job Is the Best Option for Fresh Graduates

Why a Call Center Job Is the Best Option for Fresh Graduates

July 16, 2020 | erika

Why is a call center job the best option for fresh graduates?


  1. Growing industry
  2. Access to various cultures
  3. Competitive salary & benefits
  4. Work-life blend
  5. Fun and motivating environment


So, you’ve finally graduated. Now that you’ve received your diploma, it is finally time to start adulting and show the world what you’ve got! The search is on in looking for your very first job. You may feel overwhelmed with all the job opportunities present, and you’re probably not sure where to begin. Don’t worry because this is entirely normal. If you need a little boost in your job search, we’re here to tell you why you should consider kickstarting your career in the BPO industry. Call center jobs for fresh graduates and young professionals have been the smart choice for many years now.

There is an abundance of career opportunities and experiences that await individuals like you in this industry. Even non-degree holders have gone on to achieve success in their careers after starting in a call center. Also, apart from career growth, there are many more reasons why it is a perfect place to jumpstart your career. Read below to learn more about it!


Growing Industry

The BPO or Business Process Outsourcing industry provides non-core business operations and activities to another company. The Philippines hosted its first contact center in 1992, ever since then, the industry has continued to flourish.

Through the years, call centers have produced millions of jobs, and its revenue has comprised a significant percentage in the country’s total GDP. Although the business landscape is almost always changing, especially during these unprecedented times, the BPO industry remains to grow, adapt, and expand. The sector offers job security and financial assurance for employees. You’re in good hands, no matter what the circumstance.


Access to Various Cultures

Access to various cultures

There is a growing number of prestigious accounts that allow you to support top global and international companies. You will learn and gain knowledge from these relationships and connections and will pave the way for better opportunities in your career. Exposure to these brands also helps you gain confidence.

Apart from that, you get to interact with a diverse community at work. We are an equal opportunity employer. We believe everyone is entitled to a good career regardless of race, educational attainment, ethnicity, age, and gender, as long as you have the same passion we have for excellent customer experience.


Competitive Salary and Benefits

Aside from competitive pay and compensation, at call centers, you are provided with other perks and benefits. Here at Inspiro, we are not only invested in developing your talent and skills. We have specific programs for health and overall well-being as well. Furthermore, we recognize great work through various performance incentives and bonuses.


Work-Life Blend

Work-life blend

A healthy workplace is a happy workplace! Inspiro formulates a healthy and safe environment for your physical and mental health. We live by one of our best values, “malasakit.” Our working environment promotes encouragement, support, and positivity. Get to experience some of our programs that promote health, fun, and camaraderie, some of which are our CSR Days and holiday parties!


Fun and Motivating Environment

Learning is fun in call centers. Regular coaching and mentoring sessions with your team leader inspire you to improve your craft. You can also take advantage of the training programs to help level up your career.


Key Takeaway

Now that you’ve graduated, it’s time to showcase the best of your capabilities. Show the world what you’ve got. Call center jobs for fresh graduates might just be your next big move! You can start now at Inspiro! Click here to learn more about us!

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