A Quick Pic of CX


A Quick Pic of CX

A Quick Pic of CX

As the COVID-19 pandemic grinds on, it continues to impact and accelerate customer experience (CX) management evolution. Let’s look at some current findings in the field, as shown in a recent market study by Customer Contact Week Digital.

1. Brands and customers all say they care more about CX than ever, yet it isn’t getting better across the board, with less than half of surveyed consumers reporting improvements. Only:

  • 43% say digital interactions have improved,
  • 41% say phone interactions have improved, and
  • 34% say social media interactions have improved.

2. CX aspects that survey respondents value the most include:

  • convenient experiences, leading the pack at #1,
  • friendly interactions, a close #2, with 95% saying this influences them to support brands,
  • loyalty discounts, and
  • resolving mistakes.

3. When it comes to resolving mistakes, customers appreciate — and expect —

  • quick resolution,
  • restitution, such as replacements, refunds, or other considerations,
  • genuine understanding and commiseration, as well as
  • customer-specified remedies.

4. The top issues that surveyed consumers complain about include:

  • time on hold, the most significant pain point, with 68% saying they’re often kept waiting,
  • trouble finding the right system or agent to handle an issue,
  • having to repeat information, and
  • needing to go through several automated steps before talking to a human.

5. Customers tend to use different channels for different purposes, as follows:

  • conversation with a human, for dealing with complex concerns;
  • chat or messaging services, due to:

    • long wait times associated with phone interaction,
    • inability to find the correct phone number,
    • desire for increased flexibility, and
    • avoidance of IVR (Interactive Voice Response) systems;

  • self-service, for:

    • information gathering,
    • simple transactions, and
    • quick resolution; as well as

  • social media — almost never used for direct CX, but to:

    • follow brands, and
    • track other people’s customer issues.

6. While 50% of consumers are eager to now shop at brick-and-mortar establishments — assuming distinct safety protocols —many are still resolved to transact online, especially for:

  • finance, particularly mobile payments,
  • curbside pickup, and
  • internet shopping, notably for clothes and beauty products.

These details should provide CX practitioners and companies with significant insight into the challenges and opportunities they face moving forward.

‘Customer Experience Trends, Challenges & Innovations’ 2021 CCW market study, Customer Contact Week Digital