Inspiro Reduces Average Handle Time for Voice Tech Support


Inspiro Reduces Average Handle Time for Voice Tech Support

Inspiro Reduces Average Handle Time for Voice Tech Support

The client is a satellite television provider. Their digital video recorder is said to be the most complicated in the industry. Inspiro provides the client Tier 1 through Tier 3 technical support.


Technical support calls traditionally have a longer Average Handle Time (AHT) than customer care calls. Issues take longer to explain, diagnose, and resolve. AHT on technical support calls for this client average 803 seconds, which exceeds the target of 660 seconds. 


By analyzing call recordings, entries into the CRM system, and personally observing agent activities on the floor, Inspiro’s quality team identified the root causes of high AHT: Agents are multitasking on many devices and not focused on the call, lack of product and promotion-specific training, and limited agent familiarity with cables and input sources. All of these causes were quickly addressed. 

Site leadership enacted a stricter Code of Discipline for unauthorized access of restricted websites, personal internet mail, chat, and social media networks. Agents would therefore only have the call on which to focus their undivided attention. This was also reinforced with call audits and continued personal observance of the call floor. To address training issues, agents were given more interactive and frequent training, which included hands-on exercises with cabling and hardware. Articles in the knowledge base and agent login screens described the latest promotions. 


These solutions enabled the team to reduce AHT from 803 seconds per call to 681 seconds per call. With a 4.7% increase in Close Rate, Activations improved by 55%. The solutions also had a positive impact on CSAT. CSAT scores (1 is the lowest, 3 is neutral, 5 is the highest possible score) increased from 4.25 at the start of the project to an average of 4.53.