Inspiro Invests in a Digital Candidate Experience to Expand its Talent Pool


Inspiro Invests in a Digital Candidate Experience to Expand its Talent Pool

Inspiro Invests in a Digital Candidate Experience to Expand its Talent Pool

The outsourcing specialist is revolutionizing the way it engages with candidates in the age of social distancing

Manila, Philippines — Inspiro, a global leader in customer experience management, is leveraging automation and conversational AI to improve its candidates’ experience. The company, which offers contact center services and automation solutions, adapted the same technologies used to improve customer experience in the talent acquisition arena.

“We anticipate an increase in our virtual hiring activity in this age of social distancing. We are delighted to have a Recruitment Automation Platform that makes it easier to communicate between job seekers and our Talent Acquisition team. Conversations are better with the use of any messaging app, allowing for accessibility and convenience. This improved applicant recruitment process is consistent with the positive experience we offer our clients, their customers and our employees,” said president & CEO, Mr. Yuji Hamamoto, 

“Immediacy is an integral part of a delightful candidate experience, now more than ever. We’re thrilled to partner with Inspiro as they leverage automation to engage with their candidates in innovative ways, starting meaningful conversations at scale, and giving every candidate a chance to be heard,” added Max Armbruster, Talkpush CEO.

The move comes at a time of rapid change in employee candidate expectations and a radical shift towards digital experiences. With the new norm, Inspiro wanted to promote a safe, secure, and efficient job application process.

Inspiro’s Talent Acquisition team designed the new fully digital candidate experience to encourage remote work further, partnering with Talkpush to build a conversational AI which enables personalized messaging at scale while answering candidate questions instantly from any location.

About Inspiro

Inspiro is the outsourcing specialist with a network of 32,000 customer champions across 51 strategic locations. We deliver multilingual, end-to-end, value-driven CX solutions to the world’s leading brands, enabling our clients to optimize processes, exceed metrics, and surpass overall customer satisfaction.

Inspiro is owned by Relia, a member of Japan’s Mitsui Group.

About Talkpush

Talkpush is the leading recruitment automation platform. Hiring is about starting conversations, and Talkpush is on a mission to level up the recruitment experience. The way people communicate is ever-changing, and talent acquisition needs to change with it. We empower candidates by getting their voices heard, and we delight recruiters with technology that lets them talk directly with the right talent faster.