Winning with a New Viewpoint


Winning with a New Viewpoint

Winning with a New Viewpoint


With most people staying home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, one of the US’s leading satellite TV providers needed to make sure support was on point, if not better than ever, to sustain existing and prospective customers through the quarantine effectively.

But with their customer relationship agents likewise confined to quarters, service was in a state of transition, just when consumers’ volatile emotional status was making substantial customer and opportunity loss a very real threat.


The client put particular emphasis on their quarterly CORE 4 site-versus-site competition, focused on driving key metrics: close, prequalification, move, and save rates. CORE 4 primarily targeted the client’s US domestic sites, to the point that vendors were not informed the competition was ongoing, as vendor sites were simply not expected to win.

Meanwhile, Inspiro, like most other companies, was struggling through the transformation to a blended onsite/offsite operations model, in the process experiencing a mild but alarming dip in performance.

This was quickly addressed by our Operations and Synergy group and our agents themselves, with team and individual coaching sessions to ensure adaptation to the new normal, 100% leadership engagement from end to end of shifts, and constant forecasts and follow-throughs, including webcam monitoring throughout shifts.


Although unaware that we were gaining points for hitting metrics and conceptually losing points for failing, Inspiro achieved goals week after week, consistently earning bonuses — for close and prequalification close rates — and zero penalties.

Finishing the quarter with a 117% performance index, Inspiro won CORE 4, overtaking seven US domestic and four other vendor sites – an unprecedented accomplishment, demonstrating our ability to deliver on our commitment to excellence, and provide unparalleled customer experience, contest or no contest.