Shifting Gears to Rev Up Customer Satisfaction


Shifting Gears to Rev Up Customer Satisfaction

Shifting Gears to Rev Up Customer Satisfaction


A leading Japanese automobile manufacturer wanted to improve its overall call center experience, with the concept of ‘customer service beyond expectations, to deliver satisfaction and loyalty’. 

From general inquiries and suggestions to escalating complaint calls to reporting call center performance, the client was looking for a complete transition from their in-house operation to an outside vendor. They also wanted to extend service hours to 24/7 availability, while ensuring their brand name wasn’t compromised. 


With an initial ten FTEs in place to handle operations, incoming calls were managed via a tiered approach, wherein general inquiries/complaints were handled by Tier 1 Technical Support, while more complex issues were streamlined to the client through a ticket system, escalating the matter to Tier 2 Technical Support. This was in stark contrast to the in-house inbound and outbound call system – juggled internally without any managed technical support group. 

Also, an after-sales support system was established, to continue the legacy of customer satisfaction with the help of outbound calls. With the new system in place, it became easier to gauge the quality of calls on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis for performance monitoring. 


Due to the tiered technical support, answer rate was recorded at 99.7% vs. the agreed target of 96.5%. Since calls were managed by personnel with the required technical know-how, average speed of answer went up to 97.3% vs. the 90% target. Customer satisfaction was likewise recorded at 93.8% vs. the 90% target. The service-level agreement of 15 seconds or under per call was met, while exceeding all these other specified metrics.