QA Increases Sales Chat Close Ratio


QA Increases Sales Chat Close Ratio

QA Increases Sales Chat Close Ratio

The client is a satellite television provider. The client deploys an omnichannel sales process involving voice, web, email, and chat.


The Close Rate for the sales chat channel has struggled to maintain a 10% rate, which is significantly below the target of 12%. Through reviewing chat sessions and ongoing sales promotions, the Inspiro QA team uncovered the following root causes: Promotion (agents lose confidence in the promotion because they know that competitors are aggressive in offering better promotions); Blending (agents work in a blended queue that involves voice, chat and email, and have difficulty maintaining energy and drive knowing that they may stop chatting at any given time; and Tenure (agents lose momentum and motivation to close because they are also involved in customer care chat sessions). Inspiro’s QA team employs a Lean Six Sigma methodology that relies on a collaborative team effort to improve performance by systematically streamlining processes, reducing defects, identifying root causes of issues and recommending solutions. 


Root cause analysis provided actionable data to increase sales. Inspiro’s QA team revised the Sales Chat QA form to provide better questions and responses for the sales agents. Controls were put in place which included a daily audit of the performance dashboard, fortified by weekly calibration and verified with spot checks. The team overhauled the sales training program along with sales incentive programs. 

Agent training programs were strengthened to include more information about competitive offers and how to counter them, and to reinforce the training a sales certification program was established. Increased training was provided for agents who split time in sales and care queues, making the transition less stressful for the agent. Escalation processes were also updated, to get supervisors involved more quickly and proactively to save a sale. 


The solutions enacted by the QA team achieved positive results. Within six months, the close ratio for the sales chat channel increased to 12.59%, and within eight months reached 12.65%, beating the revenue target and increasing the client’s profitability.