What’s DEX, and What Does It Mean for Your Business?


What’s DEX, and What Does It Mean for Your Business?

What’s DEX, and What Does It Mean for Your Business?

With many organizations likely to keep operating via remote work for the foreseeable future, DEX — digital employee experience — is critical for companies in virtually any industry field. The benefits are enormous and roll over into more advantages, such as:

Efficient, effective systems > More time and energy for innovation

When frontliners — from nurses to contact center agents — get a digital workplace that allows them to work and solve problems quickly and easily, they’re not just happier and more productive; they also waste lesser hours and effort, having to pass issues down the line. Down that line, then — but especially for IT and other specialized disciplines — people and resources are freed up to focus on initiatives that create value.

Happier, more productive personnel > Improved retention and recruitment

Standard employee experience (EX) programs always seek to nurture satisfied workers and an inspiring work environment. But it’s worth noting that a whopping 91% of surveyed individuals have stated that technology influences their job choices, and substandard digital workplaces can be deal-breakers. Simply put, in a time when the majority of work is accomplished through technology, DEX is an HR game-changer.

All of the above > Bumping up the bottom line

Employees who are engaged, energized, and invested in the long-term; IT, R&D, and business development teams who can concentrate on innovation; and a digital workplace that enables them to get their jobs done efficiently, and ideally organically and enjoyably — all these can lead to significantly — increased returns on investment, not to mention strengthened customer satisfaction and brand reputation, again boosting ROI.

These benefits indicate that DEX cannot simply be an add-on to an existing employee experience strategy. Yet, sadly, all too many companies continue to treat it as such, with only 13% of surveyed employees stating that they’re delighted with their digital work experience.

In the new normal, every business needs to make DEX a high priority, not just in their organization but as a benchmark for the partners they choose to work with, providing a continuum of exceptional, highly competitive operations across their network.