Driving Toward a Customer Experience Organization


Driving Toward a Customer Experience Organization

Customer experience (CX) is a dynamic, multi-disciplinary strategy that needs systemic alignment, development, and amalgamation of various capabilities in an organization.

In the webinar, ‘The Heart & Mind of a Winning CX Culture,’ Ray Rivadelo (PLDT Enterprise Vice President and Head of Enterprise Customer Experience and Care) identifies key road markers toward arriving at a true CX organization:

Mission: A company’s mission helps define its purpose and set it apart from the competition. Mission maturity brings greater clarity on the company’s abilities and intentions, enabling it to align CX with brand, business, and strategic implementation.

Guiding Principles: The foundations of how you want your company to operate, guiding principles should encompass three critical concepts: 

  1. Customer-first: Ray points out that keeping customers at the center of the map also means thinking outside well-worn paths to best decide whether systems need to be fixed or improved, to ensure better experiences for the customer.
  2. People-led: Since frontline workers are the ones who directly engage with customers daily, Ray strongly recommends that they be empowered, as they likely understand customers best and ultimately represent the brand. 
  3. Resolution: A customer tweets, calls, or chats for a reason, Ray says, and with ‘customer-first’ and ‘people-led’ principles serving as guideposts, identifying, understanding, and resolving issues must always be the priority. 

Measures of Success: Rather than chasing after every metric on the horizon, Ray suggests that a company’s measures of success should be aligned with its guiding principles, the better to stay on track toward achieving its specific goals.

Key Priorities: A company needs to base its key priorities on both long- and short-term goals, the latter of which include basic hygiene factors—like typical customer complaints—which are easiest and less time consuming to solve, driving CSAT results. Long-term goals are about mapping the road ahead, taking into account existing resources and how to steer these forward, to serve customers for any evolving needs. 

Core Enablers: Ray emphasizes the importance of support from all departments to transform a company into a thriving CX organization. This is supported by the Temkin Group’s recent research—which states that over half of all companies want to be the best, in terms of CX delivery level—as well a recent KPMG study, which says that what was previously considered to be great customer experience is no longer good enough.

Simply put, how a company treats its customers will have a bearing on its ROI, and companies need to keep up with changing times and evolving customer expectations, to deliver what the customer considers exceptional service. 

Discover more on how to drive toward a CX organization by viewing the complimentary webinar here.