Customer Experience: A Collaborative Effort


Customer Experience: A Collaborative Effort

Customer Experience: A Collaborative Effort

In the webinar, The Heart & Mind of a Winning CX Culture, Inspiro’s Alfredo ‘Aly’ Antonio, Senior Vice President – Strategic Alliance and Synergies defines CX as a collaboration between clients and outsourcing partners acting as an extension of the brand, with all synergistic activities resulting in benefits for the customer. 

These benefits include improved resource management, efficiencies, deep industry knowledge, optimizing costs, and, ultimately, better customer service.

In a recent PWC report, 65% of people surveyed felt that customer experience is important to advancing overall business performance. Another 40% stated that one of the main CX problems is lack of CX ownership, suggesting a strong link between team efforts and CX success. Aly agrees, emphasizing that, whether you’re an experienced player in the industry or a new one, finding the right partner is key to CX.

So how do you choose the right partner? Three key areas should finalize your choice:

  • Demonstrated expertise: From banking to retail to media and beyond, every industry has specific interests, issues, requirements, and regulations that need to be addressed. A partner with noted experience in your industry will be an invaluable asset toward effectively and efficiently delivering winning CX.
  • Consultative approach to partnership: Inspiro’s ‘tiger teams’ don’t just surpass service agreements; we pounce on opportunities to bring our years of experience — in multiple business verticals as well as CX collaboration — to your table. Sharing and developing ideas and insights build productive partnerships.
  • Shared corporate values: A real collaboration takes in not only what you need to accomplish, but how you want to achieve your goals and build your brand. Does your company emphasize innovation? Agility? Since CX is a long-term endeavor, you need a partner that aligns with your long-term corporate identity. 

When partner and client share a vision, combined with experience, CX is optimized as an ever-evolving concept, developed at every touchpoint along the buying journey – a true collaborative effort that maximizes mutual growth and customer satisfaction. 

Discover more on CX collaboration by viewing the webinar