Better Customer Experience, through Insights by Inspiro


Better Customer Experience, through Insights by Inspiro

Better Customer Experience, through Insights by Inspiro

Per a recent survey, the core challenge for a stunning two-thirds of executives is the ability to predict consumer behavior, based on accurate data.

Even with today’s sophisticated analytical platforms, many companies still make ad hoc decisions based on inconsistent, obsolete, or simply incorrect information. Most organizations don’t use analytics properly, which leads to a lack of fact-based managerial decisions, which leads to missing what customers really want.

Leaders need artificial intelligence-backed analytics for better decision-making and to reduce risk across business verticals. Managers must be able to quickly turn information into high quality insights, and then convert these into action, to result in positive outcomes.

But turning large volumes of data into usable benchmarks for better decision-making just isn’t a strong suit for most businesses. The challenge is not only to make information available, but to deliver insights where and when they’re most useful, enabling prompt, sound decision-making that leads to customer satisfaction.

AI-backed analytical solutions can make data more intuitive to access, presenting the most relevant information as real-time insights within a manager’s workflow. For instance, a manager and the customer service team can access action items upon login and bring them to the user’s notice. Alerts and notifications can be sent via the platform’s mobile app. Pop-ups can be used to get relevant data in a workflow.

If customer experience insights are not aligned with the organization’s needs, data architecture can be modified accordingly. Further, the process of building insights by producing visual elements enables managers to quickly spot behavioral changes in their consumers.

The entire process goes far beyond static reporting, so that data is presented after analyzing consumer behavior, identifying new patterns and/or necessary adjustments before giving the final go-ahead.

With a deep understanding of analytical capabilities, Inspiro provides managers and customer support teams with actionable insights in a full-spectrum solution package:

  • Visual insights: Our smart graphs, charts, and diagrams enable quicker, better decision-making.
  • Quantified insights: We leverage statistical techniques to up your customer service game, tracking critical customer service KPIs.
  • Affinity insights: We identify various consumer patterns and behavior to refine sales efforts.
  • Word insights: We mine call recordings and parse ongoing customer feedback trends, to help adjust your sales efforts and create revenue-generating opportunities.
  • Predictive insights: We use various statistical models to identify the probability of future outcomes.
  • Optimal insights: We test scenarios, so you can mitigate risk and make the best possible decisions.

Insights by Inspiro’s process includes:

  • Data mining: We streamline unstructured customer interaction data to help the team mitigate risks early on and enhance customer satisfaction.
  • In-depth analysis: We categorize customer segments, to improve sales with targeted efforts.
  • Analytics: Our cloud-based analytics platform and statistical methods help identify trends, spot new opportunities, and mitigate potential risks.
  • Applied insights: Our CX analytics solution clarifies the crucial step from insight to action, boosting sales and maximizing customer satisfaction.

As a customer service outsourcing company, delivering updated customer insight is one of the many services provided by Inspiro, in our commitment to guide you and your customers to experience excellence at all times.